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Help for Small Businesses


Our firm provides comprehensive legal and tax help at an affordable cost for small businesses and independent contractors.  Whether you are dealing with tax issues, legal disputes, or you are interested in setting up a corporation or LLC, we can help.


Why incorporate?


For nearly all small businesses, (which includes anyone who works as an independent contractor and recieves a 1099),

incorporating your business can typically save you thousands of dollars in taxes.  Depending on your business, it can also reduce your potential personal liability and prevent you from personally being sued or have to sue if there is ever a legal dispute involving your business.


The costs of setting up and maintaining a corporation or limited liability company have come way down because of innovation and typically are much less than the tax savings.  A Chapter "S" corporate structure, which is what we find works best for most of our small business and independent contractor Clients, gives you the tax benefits and liability protection of a corporate structure, while keeping the accounting and tax filing requirements as simple as a Schedule C business.


For more information on whether forming a corporate entity makes sense for you or for any other small business issue, please give us a call or send us an e-mail. 

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