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Tax Audits and other Tax Disputes


We represent Clients facing all types of income, estate, payroll and sales tax audits by the IRS, the various California tax agencies (i.e. FTB, SBE, EDD), and other states.  Our services range from providing advice on how to respond to a simple "letter" audit or notice of proposed change to representing Clients involved in both criminal and civil tax disputes throughout the administrative and judicial process.  We have successfully litigated against the IRS in Tax Court, District Court, Bankruptcy Court and even the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. We have also successfully litigated against the State of California before the Calfiornia State Board of Equalization, California Superior Courts, and the U.S. Bankruptcy Court; and our principal, Eric M. Nixdorf, once had to testify as an expert witness in a refund case brought against the Franchise Tax Board because the Franchise Tax Board refused to return tens of thousands of dollars it took from a taxpayer it admitted was never owed. 


We, as a general rule, do not EVER allow our Clients to be personally questioned by a tax agent during the audit process.  We have found that we can much more effectively provide the IRS or other auditing agency the information and documents they need by appearing in our Clients' place.  We have found that in many cases where Clients prior to retaining us have agreed to be questioned and/or attempted to represent themselves, they felt that the auditing agent took advantage of them by taking words out of context and/or beginning a fishing expedition into things not even part of the original audit.  Don't let this happen to you! If you find yourself being audited, retain us or another tax law firm to protect your rights and make sure that you are treated fairly throughout the audit process.




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