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Real Estate Transactions and Litigation

Our Firm provides comprehensive legal services with both real estate transactions and litigation.  We charge almost exclusively flat fees, even for litigation.

Real Estate Contract Drafting and Review

One of our specialties is preparing or reviewing various types of real estate contracts for Clients including real estate purchase/sale agreements, commercial and residential leases, lease termination agreements, estoppels, letters of intent, etc.   We typically charge affordable flat fees for these services and offer quick turnaround times.   If you are thinking of buying or selling a house, renting a home, apartment or space for your business, or some other real estate transaction, give us a call, even if you already have an agent or broker.  In many cases, the agent or broker with pay for our fees to review contracts, etc., out of their commission.  If you are thinking of buying, selling, or leasing property yourself, our flat fees to draft or review purchase agreements or leases are substantially less than a typical broker commission.

Real Estate Disputes and Litigation

We represent clients in a wide range of real estate disputes and litigation including cases involving real estate purchase agreements and leases.  Typical issues we see include joint tenant and tenant in common disputes including partition actions, deposit issues and disputes, lease calculations included CAM expenses, lease termination issues, alleged landlord or seller misconduct, border disputes, tree law issues, and alleged real estate investment fraud.  Our Principal, Eric M. Nixdorf, has over years of experience in a broad range of economic and non-economic litigation along with expertise in real estate, tax and bankruptcy law which are often come up as corollary issues in most real estate disputes. 

Loan Modifications

We have helped hundreds of Clients modify their real estate loans so they could save their homes and/or rental properties.  We use our expertise in real estate law and bankruptcy to ensure that our Clients are able to take advantage of all the different loan modification programs out there and where all options have been exhausted, save their homes through bankruptcy.  We have been very successful in helping Clients modify their loans as part of the Chatper 13 reorganization process.  If your house or rental proeprty is currently in foreclosure or you are worried about being able to afford your mortgage payments, give us a call immediately so we can assess your situation and figure out a plan which solves the problem.

Stripping or Cramming Down Junior Mortgages and Tax Liens

We are recognized experts in stripping off and cramming down second or third mortgage liens in Bankruptcy.  We have also been successful in negotiating settlments of underwater or under secured junior liens using the threat of a bankruptcy filing.  Before you let a house go in foreclosure or continue to pay on loans securing a house that may take a decade to have equity, give us a call so we can assess your situation and see if there may be other options.

Dealing with Financially Troubled Real Estate

Financially troubled real estate typically involves a number of problems involving tax, real estate and bankruptcy law.  I was interviewed by Kathy Fettke with the Real Wealth Network on the various strategies available.


To hear the podcast of my interview just click on the link below: 

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