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If you are currently self-employed, receive a 1099 and/or work as an independent contractor and your net income after business expenses exceeds $40,000, we can typically save you thousands of dollars a year in income taxes through our S-Corporation program.  In addition to the tax savings, this program will also better protect your personal assets, credit and spouse from your business activities and provide additional options to increase your savings for retirement.


The costs compared to the savings each year are minimal and we make the process easy and hassle free.   For most Clients, the set up cost is typically about a third or less of the savings they see in just the first year.  The total fees and costs for the required annual paperwork, all of which we can handle all for you, is usually just a small fraction of each year's tax savings. While every case is a little different, a typical Client over a 10 year period will generally save between $50,000 and $100,000. 


For a free estimate of what we could likely save you, just answer the simple questions below and click SEND.  Eric will call or e-mail you with the results usually within a day or two.

Our S-Corporation Program for those Self-Employed

Thank you! Eric will contact you shortly.

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