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Mediation Services


Our Firm's Principal, Eric M. Nixdorf provides informal and formal mediation services for both represented and unrepresented parties involved in most types of legal disputes.  He is one of the few attorneys in the country with combined extensive expertise in tax, bankruptcy and real estate law as well over 20 years of diverse litigation experience.  Eric's mediation strategy is to first indentify the settlement priorities of each party, find potential additional settlement terms which will increase the value of a settlement to each party at little or no cost to the other party, and then hopefully arrive at a "win" "win" solution.   Eric's tax and bankruptcy expertise is particularly helpful in cases where there are significant tax implications and/or the threat of a bankruptcy filing. 


Eric offers affordable, flat fee mediation packages or rates by the hour.  For more information, feel free to give Eric a call or send him an email by clicking below.

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