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The Intelligent Law Firm, A Professional Law Corporation, was founded in 2005 by Attorney Eric M. Nixdorf. We specialize in providing our Clients with intelligent, comprehensive, and affordable advice and solutions for matters involving taxes, real estate, business law and bankruptcy as well as the litigation which may follow.  
Our Clients are diverse and include consumers, taxpayers, current and prospective homeowners, businesses, and real estate investors.  The services we provide range from providing answers to simple legal questions and help with common transactions to vigorous representation in hotly contested disputes and litigation involving the IRS and California tax agencies, banks, credit card companies, and creditors.
The Firm is headed by Eric M. Nixdorf, the former managing partner, bankruptcy department head, and primary litigator of a leading California law firm as well as the former CEO of a successful Bay Area real estate investment company. Eric has been the principal attorney for a number of prominent tax, bankruptcy and real estate litigation cases, including Tull v. U.S., 69 F. 3d 394 (9th Cir. 1995) which defined "voluntary" payments made to the IRS, restricting the IRS's ability to re-designate payments made by taxpayers.
Eric is both a licensed California attorney and real estate broker (license #01738291) with over 20 years of legal experience and a unique combination of tax, real estate, bankruptcy, litigation and business expertise. Eric holds an LL.M. in Taxation from the University of Florida, is certified as a Bankruptcy Law Specialist by the California State Bar Board of Legal Specialization and is a recognized expert on the dischargeability of income taxes. Eric has trained at Harvard Business School, is a member of MENSA and regularly teaches continuing education courses to other attorneys and legal professionals.
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