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WARNING - Phone scammers posing as IRS agents

Our office has been contacted by numerous people with tax issues regarding who have recieved aggressive and threatening phone calls from scammers posing as IRS agents. These callers will threaten their victims with imminent arrest and the seizure of money and assets and then demand credit and/or debit card information. Caller ID will show a number from the Washington D.C. area code and the callers will provide what appears to be valid, official IRS ID numbers.

Don't fall for it! It is a total scam! If you receive one of these calls, make a note of the number and terminate the call as soon as possible. Do not provide any personal information. The IRS does not accept payments over the phone and IRS tax collectors are prohibited by law from threatening criminal prosecution to pressure tax payments.

This appears to be a sophisticated group of foreign criminals who are exploiting the personal tax information in public records(i.e. tax court filings, tax liens, etc.) to defraud their victims. If you have received one of these calls, you probably do have some type of serious tax issue and therefore should have our office or another tax attorney look into your IRS accounts, but NEVER give your personal account information over the phone to anyone posing as an IRS agent regardless of who they say they are or what they threaten to do.

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