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What to do and not do if an IRS agent shows up at your door

The IRS has announced that it has hired a lot more Revenue Officers and they will now be starting to make "House Calls" to people who have failed to file their tax returns and deal with the taxes they owe.

What should you do if you open your door and you are greeted by an IRS revenue officer?

1)  Be polite and do not say or do anything threatening - doing so will make things much worse!


2)  You have the right not to talk to the IRS and unless they have a search warrant*, they can not enter your home or the non-public area of your business without your consent.  Exercise these rights!  Anything you say or let them see can and will be used against you!

3)  Therefore, once the agent(s) have identified themselves, simply say: 

  "Thank you for your visit but I would like to consult with an attorney before speaking with you."

   "Please give me your business card and I or my attorney will call you within a week."

4)  If they persist in wanting you to answer questions, enter your home, or give them money, politely stand your ground, ask them if they have a search warrant*, and if they don't and they still refuse to leave or let you shut your door, call your local police and our office or the office of another tax attorney. 

5) Once the agent(s) have left, realize that this is your wake up call.  Give our office or the office of another tax attorney a call right away.  Don't put cleaning up your tax problems any further or the next visit will likely be by a criminal agent with a warrant.  Once you are represented by an attorney, the law requires the IRS to go through your attorney - take advantage of this!  

 (*If the agent(s) do have an arrest or search warrant, you are almost certainly the target of a criminal investigation and in very serious trouble. You should comply with any lawful orders of the agent(s), stay silent except for requesting to speak with an attorney, and call an attorney right away.)



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